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Guidelines for Quorum and Business Protocol  

Unexpected Absence  

March 2015   

To assure the timely conduct of curricular issues, UCC members or their knowledgeable designees are expected to attend monthly subcommittee and full committee meetings. Quorum in all UCC meetings is established as one‐half the number of committee members plus one.  Additionally, items on subcommittee agendas will be tabled if the representative (or designee) from the college is not present at the meeting.   

In the case of an unplanned/unexpected absence where limitations of time do not allow for a knowledgeable designee to be secured, technology offers a means to assure the curriculum continues to move forward with changes on the agenda.  The following conditions will serve as the guidelines for the establishment of quorum and manner of conducting business for the University Curriculum Committee.  

  1. With the approval of the subcommittee chair, a subcommittee member who cannot attend a subcommittee meeting in person may make arrangements to attend the meeting remotely.  
  2. The subcommittee chairperson will contact Joy Speas, University Curriculum Administrator, with notification of each approval for absentee attendance.  
  3. A member who attends remotely will be counted toward a quorum for the meeting and will have both voice and vote regarding all matters that are addressed at the meeting. Remote attendance will be achieved through technology located in the conference room.  
  4. Quorum will remain at one‐half the committee/subcommittee number plus one.   
  5. Full Committee’s meeting will not be remotely accessible and will retain attendance and quorum via in‐person attendance. If the UCC member is not able to attend, it is the responsibility of the UCC member to send a knowledgeable designee to attend the Full UCC meeting in person. The UCC member should notify the UCC chairperson and Joy Speas, University Curriculum Administrator, at least one day in advance of the Full UCC meeting.  
  6. Committee guests and member designees must attend all subcommittee and full committee meetings in‐person.