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HLC Reaffirmation of Accreditation, 2024-2025

MSU is up for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which happens every ten years. This process includes a reaffirmation narrative, due Oct. 7, 2024, and a two-day site visit (Nov 4-5, 2024). We will be reviewed to determine whether we still meet each of the HLC’s five criteria and the Department of Education’s Federal Compliance policies. 

HLC Working Group Team Members will be responsible for researching, interviewing, and collecting evidence for our reporting to the HLC. The work will begin in Fall of 2023.  

Mapping the Criterion to MSU’s Mission and 2030 Strategic Plan 

  • 2030 Strategic Plan: Innovate for Global Impact
  • 2030 Strategic Plan: DEI
  • Full MSU Mission Statement
  • MSU Mission Statement: Land-grant Mission
  • 2030 Strategic Plan: Sustainable Health
  • MSU Mission Statement: Integrity--Creating and sustaining a culture of safety where we can learn, work, teach, live and visit in a community that values the dignity of all people
  • MSU Mission Statement: Transform Lives
  • MSU Mission Statement: Collaboration--We will pursue innovation through partnership within MSU and with the communities we serve
  • MSU Mission Statement: Equity--eliminating barriers to access and success, challenge discrimination and bias, and address past and present inequities
  • 2030 Strategic Plan: Student Success
  • MSU Mission Statement: Advance knowledge; highest level of academic standards
  • MSU Mission Statement: Advancing outreach and engagement
  • 2030 Strategic Plan: Faculty and Staff Success
  • MSU Mission Statement: Conducting research of the highest caliber
  • MSU Mission Statement: Excellence--holding ourselves to the highest standards of teaching, research and engagement, to serve the common good and improve the world we live in
  • 2030 Strategic Plan: Stewardship and Sustainability
  • MSU Mission Statement: Advancing economic activities
  • MSU Mission Statement: Transparent decision-making
  • MSU Mission Statement: Accountable governance